RIP George Brumat – Owner of Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro : Scratch My Brain Sunday, Jul 8 2007 

This is what Jeff Albert had to say about the death of George Brumat, the owner of Snug Harbor Jazz Club:

From Jason Patterson, who books Snug Harbor (New Orleans’ premier jazz room):

To all the Friends of Snug Harbor,

Owner George Brumat died yesterday peacefully in his sleep of an apparent
heart attack. This has been a huge shock to everyone associated with the
Snug but we know George would want us to keep on keeping on. So the business
will remain open even though there is a big hole in all our lives now
without his presence. If you want to make a testimonial of any length about
George, please e-mail it to We will announce
arraignments for funeral and memorial event as they are confirmed. Thanks
for your thoughts and prayers.

Yours in overcoming adversity,


Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro

George was a great club owner. I know that is hard to believe that any club owner could be great, and I know that none of them are perfect, but George was the greatest I have ever dealt with. He always treated the musicians with respect. He listened to what we did. He gave the musicians financial guarantees. I always knew the minimum amount of money I would get when we worked for George. On good nights there was more than I expected in that little brown envelope, but there was never less, even if the club was near empty.

I remember when Snug reopened after Katrina. It was one of the first times I thought things might eventually be ok. I am sure George lost loads of money in those first months, but he was open, and still paying the bands, because that was what he could do to help the city. And it definitely helped lots of folks spirits. George was a class act, and I will miss him.

Snug Harbor is the anchor of Frenchmen St. My prayers go out to all the folks involved.

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What law is he breaking? Tuesday, Jul 3 2007 

So it is legal to block a sidewalk to do a news show, but it is not legal to walk behind the news show if they don’t want you there are you have a big orange head…

Warning, there is some common but foul language in this clip…


Via Boing Boing.

The President Said What? « Blogtide Rising Saturday, Jun 23 2007 

The President Said What? « Blogtide Rising:

“In the video, it is clear that Kermit Ruffins leaves the podium, and that the president turns back to the congress-critters and tells THEM to pick up the trash, not the band as the quoted text would leave us to believe.Whomever transcribed the speech should have included more words. Descriptive words of what was happening. For example:

MR. RUFFINS: Thank you. Thanks for having us. We’re glad to be here.

THE PRESIDENT: Proud you’re here. Thanks for coming. (To the audience.) You all enjoy yourself. Make sure you pick up all the trash after it’s over. (Laughter.)

This wasn’t the blog entry I had envisioned when I started out this morning. But perhaps it is a better entry that just another voice on the “pick up all the trash” bandwagon.

This is not about the US president. This is about words and the power they have. A few uplifting words at the right place and time and we end up with men walking on the moon in 1969. A few words left out of a innocuous speech, and a president is labeled a racist. A few words that spin the truth a tad bit, and we end up surging the death count of American soldiers and Iraqi soldiers and civilians. Words have power. When used to entertain they have the power to make us laugh and cry. Whether they are used in lies or in truths, they have power. We should all demand that there be no fact errors in the words used by our president, politicians, corporations, media and fellow bloggers.

Words have power. Use them wisely. Use them for truth.

Amen. Deven got this one right. I’m glad I’m not the only cat that thinks spreading truth is more important than spreading our own ideology. Plus, I am sure GW will give everyone plenty of other quotes to use to make him look foolish.

Kermit Ruffins performed at White House for Congressional Picnic – Entertainment – Saturday, Jun 23 2007 

Kermit Ruffins performed at White House for Congressional Picnic – Entertainment –

The New Orleans tubes of the internet have been ablaze with news of a stupid joke from George W. Bush. It appears from the transcript of the President’s Congressional picnic comments, that he tells Kermit Ruffins and his band to “Make sure you pick up all the trash after it’s over.” It hit the PatJolly list, as well as the NOLA blog linked above, and even got a mention from Larry Blumenfeld. Here is the White House page with the transcript and a video.

Now, I wouldn’t put such a stupid comment past our fearless leader, but if you watch the video on the White House site, you can plainly see that Kermit has left the podium, and W. is addressing the Congress-critters and their families when he makes the trash joke.

Now, I know some of you are thinking, “but Bush is a moron, so let’s make him look like a racist fool anyway.” The only problem with that is, if you accuse him of making a racist-musician bad joke, when he was rally making a partisan-congress bad joke, then you have lost all credibility when the time comes to call him out on important stuff like funding good levees, making the Federal Flood Insurance Program quit arguing about wind damage, and bringing our young men and women back from countries that don’t want them there.

Watch the video. W. didn’t diss Kermit, but I’m sure Kermit and Willie nelson will have a lot more in common, now that they have both played the White House.

Good guys aren’t always easy to spot- Wednesday, Jun 20 2007 

A great line from Jarvis DeBerry’s Times-Picayune column today…

Good guys aren’t always easy to spot-

“You never stop to ask how it is that a suspect’s primary offense can be resisting arrest. How exactly does that work? Guy’s going along minding his business, and all of a sudden he’s being arrested for not wanting to be arrested?”

Justice For Congressman Jefferson website Wednesday, Jun 13 2007 

Some might think that a “Justice for Jefferson” website would support the idea that he should be made to use all that alleged bribe money to build affordable housing in his district.

Justice For Congressman Jefferson:

“It is a well grounded principle of the United States Constitution, inherent in the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments, that a citizen of this nation is presumed innocent until he or she has had an opportunity to defend, in a court of law, against charges brought by government. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.), and the United State Justice Department ignore the principle. These agencies have used their vast financial resources to manipulate the media. They have attacked Congressman Jefferson’s family.”

He has not yet been treated as guilty. He is not in jail. He was not barred from running for re-election by the dumb numb voters of his district. Is this “Justice” website suggesting that the media should not be allowed to report on the charges until after the trial? Are they suggesting that his family should be off limits even if they appear to be channels through which the money flowed?

I agree that he should be tried in court and not on TV and in the papers, but I strongly disagree with the idea that the public should be prevented from discussing his charges. Even if he doe not get convicted of the charges, some of us might decide that those aren’t the sort of “personal business dealings” we want our US Representative to participate in. There is no way we could make that informed decision without the media reporting on his charges.

More from the website:

“There are many members of Congress whose business activities are the subject of investigation by the FBI and the Justice Department. Why is there no focus on them? On Wednesday, we will name names. Our Congressman will not be the FBI and Justice Department’s scapegoat!”

That’s like when my son tells me that it is ok to get a C in a class he could get an A or B in, because lots of people get C’s. It’s ok to be under investigation, because lots of other Congressmen are too…13 year old kid logic from our political leaders. I love it.

Lolis Eric Elie on Karen Carter or “why we vote the way we do” Monday, Jun 11 2007 

Today’s Lolis Eric Elie column in the T-P is about Bill Jefferson and how he got re-elected, and in that context he talks about Karen carter’s drawbacks in that election.

Be careful what you wish for-

“Karen Carter had managed to alienate Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee with her comments regarding the decision of his officers to block Orleans Parish residents from crossing the Crescent City Connection after the federal levees failed. She alienated many voters in Orleans Parish angered by her support of a state takeover of the Orleans Parish public schools.”

While both of these stances might have angered JP Sheriffs or people with vested interests in mismanaging the New Orleans schools, Karen Carter was right on both accounts. The conviction to do what is right regardless of who it pisses off is the primary qualification for a good legislator.

Blocking anyone’s passage out of New Orleans after Katrina was wrong, no matter how you spin it. Now some could argue that the state is no more qualified to run New Orleans schools than the old School Board, but the facts were the system was broken and radical change was needed and Carter had the conviction to stand up for some form of needed change.

I don’t know if Karen Carter would have been a very good representative, but I know these two reasons given for people voting against her, were really reasons people should have voted for her. We need to educate ourselves and our fellow citizens about what our city and state really need, and I don’t think continuing the decades old tradition of Louisiana and New Orleans politics is it.

Another One Bites the Dust Friday, Jun 8 2007 

The Parkway Bakery and Tavern has quit having live music. One neighbor complained. the owner didn’t fight it, because he knew he legally wasn’t supposed to be having music. I don’t know if it is more irritating that people don’t get that good music in their neighborhood makes their life better, not worse, or that business owners keep trying to do stuff without getting their ducks in a row.

Now, granted they never needed to have their ducks in a row before, because the city has always had a don’t ask don’t tell policy on live music, until someone bitches about a particular place. Many of New Orleans’s classic music hangs are probably technically illegal. Vaughn’s, The Maple Leaf, Tipitina’s (?), …

I understand that some zoning regulation is necessary, but please can we make it a clear and navigable system? Look at the stupidity surrounding the restaurant Gabrielle, that tried to re-open uptown, but ultimately the owner gave up because he couldn’t get through the maze of obtuse zoning regulations, changing interpretations of the obtuse zoning regulations, and stupid neighbors who don’t realize that a world class restaurant in your neighborhood is a good thing. All of this in the face of city politicians that don’t have the huevos to stand up and do what is right, even if it pisses off some people… or an ex-city councilman.

If we keep making it hard for businesses to operate, and keep shutting down good food and music, we are going to turn New Orleans into Des Moines. Not that there’s anything wrong with Des Moines, it just ain’t New Orleans.

Why don’t we all try to NOT scare away or piss off any more of the determined entrepreneurs that are trying to help renew our city?

Jazz Fest Monday, Jun 4 2007 

And then there are the endless complaints about Jazz Fest – who doesn’t make the cut, high ticket prices, corporate sponsorship…I challenge those who complain about the Fest to, let’s say, pick one performer at the Fest you like. Go see that performer and send back the receipts. Include plane fare, since that artist rarely visits NO…

I’m sure you’ll find Jazz Fest a bargain.

And where else can you catch groups like Banda el Recodo or Amazones: Women Drummers of Guinea? Sure we’ve got a couple too many big headliners in the mix these days, but this is still one of the world’s major festivals.

Why do we bitch at the charities? Sunday, Jun 3 2007 

Why is the Pat Jolly list reposting rails on Habitat for Humanity that are months and months old? Habitat is a CHARITY! We should be thanking them…

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